The new blog

As some of you may already have noticed the old blog at is no more.  It died after the umbraco server move the old blog was mostly v3 stuff and it looked pants. So I have created a new blog on word press, you already get nice theme, plugins etc.  Still need to figure out how to host zip files.  Anyhow I will carry on with my 5 pence worth on umbraco and other stuff here.


2 thoughts on “The new blog

  1. Sam K says:

    Hello Ismail. I’m hoping you can help out on this one. I’m trying to do some work with dotLucene and was trying to find the kstemmer contribution. Looks like your link ( was the last active link after dotLucene was moved over to ASF. Unfortunately, with the moving of the Umbraco servers I can no longer access your old blog or the resources within it. I’m praying you still have a copy you could post or send to me via email. Thanks, Sam K.

  2. ismailmayat says:


    You have 2 options you can either goto and download the old dotlucene website and get the stemmer from there, however that is old version. It may be better for you to download source/binaries from apache and have a look at the contrib directory im certain the stemmer is in there things and wordnet are there for sure. Or for newer version maybe also try searching on



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