New search option for umbraco site

There are currently three search implementations for umbraco:

  1. XSLT search
  2. umbSearch (
  3. Microsoft search server

I would like to propose a 4th alternative Thunderstone webinator. Its a tool I used many moons ago with another CMS.  It comes in 2 flavours hosted or host yourself.  There is a free version it has restriction of 10,000 documents (see full version feature matrix) and only indexes html pages.  I would recommend going down the hosted route, basically you create an account on the site and then point it to your website.  The search engine is a crawler so all your content needs to be linked up. If you have a good site map then most if not all your content will be linked. After crawl you get your own personal url that looks like so you can create your own form that posts to that page.

The admin interface will let you style up your search results page. The results page has % relevance and find similar functionality, you can see a working result page here. I am not advocating this solution over the other excellent solutions already available I just think this is a nice alternative to give fast, rich search functionality very quickly.


7 thoughts on “New search option for umbraco site

  1. We created an indexing system that still uses Lucene but it is very powerful and easy to use. The download and documentation is here: It’s not entirely complete but i’ll get around to it soon. It has a complete event model, supports multiple indexes (for multilingual sites, etc…), is completely extensible. For the most part though, if you just need simple searches, it works pretty much straight away by following the documentation on the blog post.

  2. I am new to to umbraco, I need the web site search tool for my umbraco site,
    If it is a XSLT, It will be very simple. Can any one help me please.:(

    Thanks in advance,

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