Blueprint css framework

I have recently been turned into a pixel pusher and thus been doing alot of css.  Something I found extremly helpful that I wanted to share is the blueprint css framework.  Makes it very easy to knock together a site quickly.  The really cool bit about is the boks tool its an AIR application you can use to knock together your grid layout for blueprint. Saved me time and hassle, enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Blueprint css framework

  1. Hi Ismail,

    I am currently investigating usage/integrating of CSS framework in Umbraco, why did you choose Blueprint ?
    I am currently choosing between:

    1 YAML (lean and mean in my opinion)
    2 YUI (CSSGrid, plus extra goodies, big!)
    3 Blueprint (only grid-based layout??)

    In order of bias 🙂

    Thnx, Danny

  2. ismailmayat says:


    Thanks for you interest, with regards to which framework, I had seen another site already with YUI and it looked too bloated. YAML I have not seen but will take a look when I have 5. Blueprint due to the boks application. Just got me up and running with basic layout very quickly. To note im no css expert ;-}

    Anyone else any suggestions?



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