Codegarden 10 sheesha meetup

Those of you who follow me on twitter may have seen recent discussion between me, Bijesh, Soren and Morten regarding an evening meetup in Copenhagen.  We are looking to go for a sheesha smoke at a sheesha cafe google map location here.  Codegarden delegates are arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on whether they are attending pre conference mvc training.  So here are some suggested days to meetup most votes wins.

After voting please can you leave a comment with your name and preferred day that way we have a good idea of numbers.

Should i upgrade to new iphone 4g?

Towards end of the month the new iphone 4g is out. I have 3gs with 1year still to go. O2 are providing early upgrade path which works out for me as £220 to pay up front.  If I sell my 3gs O2 recycle reckon I will get around £240.  My new 18 month contract will work up at £35 a month which is what I am currently on or 24month contract at £30 a month.

However I get less minutes (not an issue as i hardly talk on phone people usually ring me!), the worrying bit is i lose unlimited internet to 1GB a month however I dont think I ever get anywhere hear a GB a month.  So what do you guys think?

Codegarden 10

And that time of year is almost upon us thats right Codegarden 10 some of the things i am really looking forward to:

  1. Pre conference MVC training
  2. Canal boat evening cruise
  3. Catching up Umbraco guru and all round master coder Aarron Powell to talk about Snapshot
  4. Attending day 1 sessions on Examine / Contour / Secrets of umbaco ninjas / migrating to umbraco
  5. Attending day 2 sessions Versioning umbraco development / Prepare for umbraco 5
  6. Meeting old friends and new ones from the best and friendliest community bar none!

I just hope none of the sessions I want to attend clash.  This years codegarden is going to be the best yet and then some see you all there!

Ps I am staying at Wakeup Copenhagen