Should i upgrade to new iphone 4g?

Towards end of the month the new iphone 4g is out. I have 3gs with 1year still to go. O2 are providing early upgrade path which works out for me as £220 to pay up front.  If I sell my 3gs O2 recycle reckon I will get around £240.  My new 18 month contract will work up at £35 a month which is what I am currently on or 24month contract at £30 a month.

However I get less minutes (not an issue as i hardly talk on phone people usually ring me!), the worrying bit is i lose unlimited internet to 1GB a month however I dont think I ever get anywhere hear a GB a month.  So what do you guys think?


4 thoughts on “Should i upgrade to new iphone 4g?

  1. Hi mate – my plan has been to skip each generation (couldnt see the point in going from 3G to 3GS) so I am hoping to go from 3G to 4G instead…

    But as I got an iPad recently, Mrs P may not be so keen.

    Still, she might cheer up if she’d like an iPhone 3G thats going spare 🙂

  2. Ismail Mayat says:

    Hey adz,
    Reckon mrs m may have summat to say about my upgrade though she has shown keen interest in an iPad! You guys coming over to cg10?


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