Umbraco 6 MVC and Dependency Injection

Thanks to some feedback on an Umbraco forum post I have re factored my code and made use of Dependency Injection.

I am using the awesome ninject and if you use the nuget package manager it is so easy its un real.

So navigate to you can see the nuget install command Install-Package Ninject.MVC3 -Version so install that into your web project.  This will pull down everything also in your app_start folder it will create a class NinjectWebCommon in there you have method

private static void RegisterServices(IKernel kernel)


You add your bindings there. Next update your surface controller mine looks like

private readonly ISearchService _searchService;
/// inject in this dependancy using ninject

public SearchFormSurfaceController(ISearchService searchService)
_searchService = searchService;

Its as easy as that. Now you too can be all hip and upto date with all the cool kids!!


3 thoughts on “Umbraco 6 MVC and Dependency Injection

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Ismail,
    I’m trying to get a surface controller to work with v7 using ninject web common and keep getting a parameterless constructor ysod.. Just wondering if you can suggest anything.. It’s almost like web activator isn’t kicking in.

    • leandro koiti says:

      hey Tom, did you find a solution for your problem? I’ve tried Unity and Ninject and both are raising a parameterless constructor exception, couldn’t find anything useful yet

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