Umbraco MVC localised data annotations

So in MVC you decorate your model with data annotations things like

[Display("Email Address")]
public string EmailAddress {get; set;}

With these attributes you pass in some text or you can use a .net resource. In that case you give it assembly and key

[Required(ErrorMessage="Name required.", ErrorMessageResourceType=typeof(CustomDataAnnotationsResources)]

It would be nice if we could use the Umbraco dictionary as well. So I have created my own classes so for the display and required attributes i have

public string EmailAddress {get; set;}

What I pass in is Umbraco dictionary key so now my model when rendered in view has localised labels. I also have a custom build of the excellent data annotations project which also reads from the Umbraco dictionary.

I have sent it to Lee Kelleher Sir uComponents to have a play. It may appear in there or I will release as a separate project on our. My source code is available  on github